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I am Ferdinand Humberg, a seasoned Design Director with a passion for crafting captivating experiences that transcend boundaries and leave lasting impressions.

16 years experience in crafting digital products and brands

With a diverse background in collaborating with both local and global brands, I bring a unique blend of creativity combined with technical expertise, and a deep understanding of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Three.js, and Frontend Development.




Artistry and Technology

Throughout my career, I have been on a mission to merge the realms of artistry and technology seamlessly. Armed with an acute sense of design and an insatiable curiosity for cutting-edge tech, I have led groundbreaking projects that push the boundaries of possibility.

My work revolves around the belief that technology is the canvas for true creative expression, and through VR, AR, and Three.js, we can transport audiences into immersive worlds where imagination knows no limits.

Let’s Create Something Together

Collaboration lies at the heart of my creative process. I thrive on engaging with visionary individuals and brands that dare to dream big. If you’re seeking to revolutionize your brand experience or unleash the potential of VR, AR, and Three.js, let’s embark on this journey together. Reach out to me, and let’s explore the endless possibilities that await.

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